These letters stand for the Nationwide Federation of Plant and Equipment Operators.


Associate Membership

This means any organisation, institution or individual who has become a member of the NFPEO. To become a member you must work as a plant or equipment operator or be involved with plant and equipment. Membership also extends to other trades working in and around plant. Examples are plant fitters, low loader drivers.

Corporate Member

Membership is also open to other organisations working within plant and construction equipment. For example manufacturers, contractors, labour agencies, plant hire companies and training providers.


The fellowship is open to any individuals who have retired from working full time with or operating plant and equipment. Fellowship means they are no longer active with plant and equipment. The fellowship runs at a national level, with regional events throughout the year.

Suspension of Membership

In the unlikely event that members become suspended from the NFPEO they are unable to attend any regional meetings or national meetings. They will also not be able to vote on any issues.
The membership suspension can be lifted with the approval of the National Council and no suspension will last longer than three years. 

Chief Executive

The Federation must have a Chief Executive who will be appointed by the Council on whatever terms the Council thinks fit - this will be a permanent position and governed by UK employment Law Regulations.  If there is no Chief Executive capable of acting, anything required or authorised to be done by or to the Secretary may be done by any Member of the Council authorised generally, or specially for that purpose, by the Council, and only if the Chief Executive does not have an able deputy. 
The CEO shall have overall control of the NFPEO and support the regional committees along with working with the Council. ‘The CEO will also ‘support’ the development of the Federation and help grow the NFPEO in all aspects of the business.

The Chief Executive shall manage the day to day affairs of the Federation and report to the National Council. The Chief Executive will support the regional offices. The Chief Executive will manage the staff the Federation may employ. The Chief Executive acts as national secretary for the Federation. The Chief Executive will audit the council to make sure they are abiding by the rules of the Federation.

Regional Chairman

The role of the Regional Chairman is to support the NFPEO on a local level and carry out any administration duties to for the membership. The post holder is a volunteer.

Regional Officers

The role of the Regional Officer is to support the Regional Chairman and the NFPEO on a local level and carry out any operational duties to for the membership or national offices. The post holders are volunteers.


NFPEO is split into regions. The main regions are London and South East, South West and Wales, Midlands, North West, North East and Scotland.

Regional Meetings

Each region will have a meeting every quarter to feedback information to the local committee and discuss relevant topics. Points and action plans can be raised to the NFPEO head office in London.

Corporate Membership

All applications for membership to the NFPEO will be submitted to Head Office. The applications will then be assessed by our staff. Applicants must be able to demonstrate they provide plant or equipment operators or employ them through plant hire companies, labour agencies or direct in the UK.

All applications will be subject to an inspection from the NFPEO to confirm operations.

Upon successful application, membership will then be granted and a certificate issued to the member.
Corporate members will also receive information about their regional group and any events along with upcoming meetings. They will also have access to the website where they can display company contacts and latest news.

All data is stored at Head Office and is not shared with any third parties without prior consent.
All applications as a plant training provider must hold a valid CPCS centre number. NFPEO will check the centre number with construction skills.

Corporate members will ensure that all staff or contractors operating plant and equipment for their company are issued will the NFPEO safety briefing pack which will be updated at the Federation’s discretion

In the event your application is not successful the NFPEO will be able to offer help and advice for future applications to the Federation. All unsuccessful applicants have 28 days to appeal – their case will be looked at by the Chief Executive of the NFPEO.

Duties of Members

Members should play an active role within the Federation and attend at least two regional meetings each year. Members will conduct themselves in a matter which is consistent with the interests of the NFPEO and may not act in any matter which has the potential to cause the NFPEO or other members damages or adversely affect the reputation of the Federation. Members shall loyally abide and comply with the regional committees and the National Council.

Termination of Membership

Membership may be terminated by a majority vote from the National Council. Membership may also be withdrawn from an organisation, institution or individual if they have been deemed to bring the Federation into disrepute.

Management of the NFPEO

The National Council will manage the day to day affairs of the Federation. The National Council will set the visions, goals and national objectives of the NFPEO after listening to issues raised at regional meetings. The financial affairs of the NFPEO will be managed by members of the National Council and details of figures will be released at the AGM (annual general meeting).

The National Council will be able to appoint other persons at their discretion to represent the Federation such as other organisations for matters the council see as important.


The National Council shall keep a true record of the income and expenditure of the Federation. The financial year of the NEPEO will be at the end of the calendar year.

The National Council will produce an audited statement of the accounts and balance sheets on the general overall performance of the NFPEO each year. Any financial questions outside of the AGM should be directed to the CEO of the Federation, restrictions may apply to members.

Annual General Meetings

An AGM shall be held once a year on such a date and time to suit most of the members of the NFPEO. The nature of the business will be to review the previous years activities and events along with upcoming events and any major issues which need addressing by the Council.

Regional Meetings

Regional meetings will be held every quarter and dates will be promoted at the start of the year. All members should try and attend two meetings a year, to keep up to date with the latest issues. These meetings will be to discuss regional business and matters arising in the local area.

Regional Objectives

The objective of the regional organisation shall be to further promote the NFPEO and the interests of the Federation within the local area. To continue to implement the National Council’s goals on a local level. The regional key mission is to be the ‘the voice’ of the operators within the region.

National objective: ‘Train today, operate tomorrow’

One of the NFPEO objectives is to encourage and support the development of the new generation of Plant and equipment operators. Over the past decade the rate of plant and equipment operators has fallen sharply.  We get behind schemes to support students at colleges, schools and Uni. We try gaining them placements on construction sites out in the industry.

The NFPEO will be running a number of training courses to help new operators become better at their job. If we don’t support new operators today we will have no one operating plant tomorrow. Further information will be available on our website.

NFPEO Training

We operate a training school designed for plant and equipment operators along with site supervisors and other managers of construction plant. Our training program operates throughout the year and courses can be found nationwide.

We work with the NFDC and CPCS and we can also offer a consultation service to construction companies looking to improve their plant operator workforce.


The Nationwide Federation of Plant Operators and Equipment logo and insignia is a registered trademark. Our members are able to display this logo. Organisations and institutions are able to display the NFPEO logo on letterheads, vehicles, plant and websites. Further information on the trademark can be obtained by our national office.

It’s important to remember that if members leave the NFPEO they will lose the rights to display the trademark on the date of leaving the Federation. Members will be asked to return any signs displayed on buildings at the request of the national or regional committee.

Further Information

If you have any further questions or queries about the NFPEO please contact us on the details below. We always welcome membership feedback and comments.

26 York Street, London W1U 6PZ
Tel: 0844 858 9029